Wondershare’s MobileTrans app lets you transfer messages from Android to iOS

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Switching to a new phone is always a hassle. You have to make sure to transfer all of the stored information you need over to the new device. If you’re moving to a new device with the same operating system this process is made a bit easier.


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But what happens when you switch from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa? It can take hours to transfer that data by hand and some information you won’t be able to transfer at all. But that’s where MobileTrans comes in.

MobileTrans is a program that you can use to transfer all kinds of information from one device to another. It’s available for Windows and Mac with a yearly subscription fee starting at $29.99 per year. So let’s see what it’s all about.

What is MobileTrans?

MobileTrans is a convenient program that you can use to transfer data from one mobile device to another. It’s relatively hassle-free and doesn’t require any special technical knowledge on your part.

All you have to do is plug the devices into your computer, and you’re ready to start transferring data. And it has complete support across mobile platforms.

So whether you’re going from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, or any other combination, you’re good to go.

And you can use the program to transfer all kinds of information commonly found on your phone. You can transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, and more. You can even use the program to transfer your calendar to a different device.

But probably the most useful feature is the ability to transfer text messages. When going from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android, you could lose your text messages.

Text messages can contain some important information that you don’t want to lose. And MobileTrans can help you hang on to those messages with its phone to phone transfer.

How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is, by far, the most popular smartphone on the market today. And transferring messages from Android to iPhone tends to be the more popular option and it’s made relatively easy with the MobileTrans program.

Users making the switch from Android to iPhone can take advantage of this tool to retrieve all of their old messages on their new device.

Of course, the process starts with downloading the program. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps below to get your transfer started.

  1. Open the MobileTrans app and choose Phone Transfer

  2. Connect both devices to your computer using the Flip option to put the source phone on the left and the destination phone on the right

  3. Choose what kind of data you wish to transfer and click Start

  4. Wait for the transfer to complete

And that’s all there is to it. As you can see, the process to transfer text messages from phone to phone is relatively simple using MobileTrans.

And it does it all automatically so you can start the process and handle your other business while the transfer happens.

Use MobileTrans to help transfer messages to a new phone

MobileTrans is a useful app that can help you transfer messages and just about any other data from your old phone to a new one.

No matter the brand or operating system, the app can be used with just about any mobile device there is.

Whether you’re looking to transfer text messages, contacts, or photos, the MobileTrans app has got you covered. If you’re interested in trying out the app for yourself, head to the app’s website here.

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