When making aluminum profile frames, these tasks must be done well

Aluminum profile frames are mostly customized non-standard frames, which are widely used in both door and window industry and some loading and unloading industry. In the cnc machining aluminum process of frame manufacturing, although it seems relatively simple and the process is not very complex, if some cnc manufacturing requirements are ignored in the whole manufacturing process, it is likely that the final finished product will not meet the production requirements. What problems should we pay attention to when making aluminum profile frame?

  1. Before making the frame, when sawing and processing the materials, pay attention to the commissioning of relevant equipment and machines to improve the accuracy of production. Especially for some measuring tools and calipers that are frequently used, their accuracy should be guaranteed, and attention should be paid to the regular identification of accuracy and the certification of measurement.
  2. Before sawing and blanking the materials, the drawings of the frame must be approved for many times. At the same time, the materials to be sawn must be checked to see if there is any damage problem, and the thickness of the materials must be determined to be qualified. For some slightly deformed materials, before sawing and blanking, the shape shall be corrected first, and then the corresponding processing shall be carried out.
  3. After successfully sawing a pipe, it is necessary to recheck whether the starting length and angle are within the allowable error range of the drawing. In the subsequent sawing process, spot check the sawn materials from time to time.
  4. Before making the Aluminum Extrusion profile frame, pay attention to prevent the surface wear of the profile, so as not to affect the beauty of the final frame. The sawn materials shall be classified and placed according to the length and number.

Aluminum frames are widely used in people’s life, and the manufacturers that can produce or process such frames are also increasing. When you need to customize aluminum parts or frames, you should pay attention to selecting regular and large manufacturers to make them, so that the finally made frames can better meet the required standards.

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