How to preview voice messages on WhatsApp before sending them

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Follow the steps in this short tutorial if you’d like to preview a WhatsApp voice message, which lets you check whether your ramblings make sense before the message is sent.


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WhatsApp introduces voice message previews

We’ve all been there.

You want to send a short voice message to a friend asking if they’d like to go to the movies, but it takes multiple tries to get it right. In the past, you couldn’t send your voice recording to a friend with confidence because there was no way to preview the message.

But now, you can review a draft of the voice message before sending it. Not only does this help ensure your ramblings make sense, but you get to hear them the way the other side will be experiencing them. Is your voice too quiet? Does your speech come across as inarticulate? Mumbling, much? Read: How to send self-destructing media via WhatsApp

The Meta-owned messaging service officially announced that voice message previews are now available on WhatsApp apps across iOS, Android, web and desktop.

“They’re not mistakes, they’re rehearsals,” reads WhatsApp’s announcement on Twitter. “Now you can preview your voice messages before you hit Send.” Not only that, but you can quickly delete a message if you’re unsatisfied with its preview.

How to preview a WhatsApp message before it’s sent

To preview an audio message, hit the play button that automatically appears in WhatsApp for desktop, mobile and web right after you finish recording the message.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone
  2. In the WhatsApp app, open an individual or group chat
  3. Touch and hold the microphone icon, then slide up to lock hands-free recording
  4. Start speaking to record your voice message
  5. Once finished, hit the Stop button.
  6. Hit the triangular Play icon that appears when you stop recording

Now you’ll hear exactly how your message will sound to the recipient.

For longer messages, it’s helpful that you can play the message from a specific timestamp by hitting that part of the recording on the waveform.

Don’t like how your voice recording sounds and think you can do better? No problem, just hit the Trashcan icon to delete the recorded message and start over. When satisfied with the results, hit the Send button to send the voice recording to the selected contact.

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