Easter Apps to Get You Through the Easter School Break

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buy app reviews android

Christmas feels like it was just yesterday, but here we are at the start of the Easter/Spring break, somehow.

With the next few weeks stretched out ahead, what better way to keep the young members of your family amused than with fun, educational apps that have the added benefit of giving you a little peace and quiet.

Below are five apps that will make the break a fun and relaxing time for the whole family:

Easter Number Coloring Book

Easter Number Coloring Book is a great app for kids, combining the joy of coloring with a little math thrown in. You can choose from a number of different spring and Easter themed pictures to color, each image is covered in numbers, with each number representing a certain color. Coloring can help to improve a child’s concentration and imagination, while the number element helps younger children to recognize and become confident with number recognition.

Easter Puzzle Game for Kids

Children love puzzles and they are a great way to keep children amused for hours, as well as teaching them about shapes but who wants to fill their shelves with never-ending puzzle boxes, only to find themselves having to take a whole bag of the things out with them just for a family lunch. This is where puzzle apps such as Easter Puzzle Game for Kids comes in handy, you can fit hundreds of puzzles onto your tablet and provide your child with never-ending fun, while also improving their IT skills. Easter Puzzle Game for Kids has a child-friendly interface that makes it easy for even young children to understand and use with confidence.

Hidden Egg Hunt

Easter eggs hunts are all part of the fun when it comes to the Easter break but you can only hide so many eggs in your garden and, depending on location, this might not even be something that’s possible, thank you extended British winter. With Hidden Egg Hunt your young ones can spend their whole holiday hunting for eggs, without you having to hide a single eggs.  Hidden Egg Hunt combines all the fun of an Easter eggs hunt with the excitement of an arcade game, as you race to collect the eggs, fill your basket and beat the clock. Search for eggs across different spring themed scenes, with music that creates a truly immersive experience. If the fun of hunting for eggs wasn’t enough the app has added a little competitive element with a leaderboard, will your child make it to the top of the board!

Hidden Object – Easter Egg Hunt

Hidden Object – Easter Egg Hunt is another app that brings the magic of hunting for chocolate eggs to the digital world but for a slightly older audience, making it the perfect app for older children seeking a little more challenge. The app combines the popular genre of hidden object games with a child friendly Easter theme. Follow a trail of beautiful scenery as you work your way through the campaign mode, helping to find all of the hidden eggs. What’s nice about Easter Egg Hunt, over other hidden object games is that it also includes eight mini games, varying the game play and adding an extra layer of challenge.

Easter Bunny Yourself

Snapchat filters have changed the way that we take selfies and young children love playing around with all of the different effects, Easter Bunny Yourself combines this with a child friendly safe app that allows young children to turn themselves into an Easter bunny. Providing hours of fun, children can take a selfie or photos of a friends and using the wide range of accessories turn themselves into a cute Easter bunny or funny bunny with large teeth. You can then decorate eggs using the photos and easily share them with friends and family, as a slightly different way of saying Happy Easter!

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