Compost and compound fertilizer

A. The difference between Compost and compound fertilizer

Compost and compound fertilizer, we are not unfamiliar. But it sounds like there is no difference between them. But in fact they still have a certain distinction. The difference between compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer is actually still there. They foot two different types of fertilizers, their prices and fertilizer efficiency is also very different.

1.Compost and compound fertilizer production process is different

Compound fertilizer is made by physical mixing, and its production process is relatively simple. Moreover, its nutrients are not uniform and it is less effective to use. Mixed fertilizer, on the other hand, is synthesized through a chemical reaction. Its nutrient content is uniform, and its particle size is the same.

2.Compost and compound fertilizer nutrient content is different

Compound fertilizer concentration, low content, the total nutrient content of no more than 30%.However, compound fertilizer has a fixed nutrient content. It is a mixture of 30% sulfur, 15% nitrogen, 15% phosphorus and 15% potassium.

3. The utilization rate of nutrients is different

Fertilizer reaction synthesis of Compost nutrients can be completely released, and uniform, the utilization rate is also very high. However, a compound fertilizer that is physically mixed does not release a balanced amount of nutrients. This causes waste and deficiencies when the crop absorbs its nutrients.

4. Implementation standards are different

Compound fertilizer, generally labeled GB15063-94. and the total nutrient content will not exceed 30%. The standards of compound fertilizers are sufficient to implement the enterprise standards. Therefore, we just need to pay a little attention when buying to identify.

B. The difference between compound fertilizer and Compost

Compost and compound fertilizer are two different types of chemical fertilizers, the price and effectiveness of the two are far from each other. But a few production and sales enterprises to see profit and forget righteousness, they take advantage of the psychology of farmers prefer compound fertilizer. To compound fertilizer posing as compound fertilizer sales, seriously harmed the economic interests of farmers.

①Production process

Compost it is synthesized by chemical reaction. Its nutrient content is uniform, consistent particle size. And compound fertilizer is made by physical mixing. The production process is simple, uneven nutrient content, and the effect is poor.

② Nutrient content

Compost its nutrients are generally fixed, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium for 15% each, sulfur for 30%.However, the concentration of compound fertilizer is low, so the total nutrients generally do not exceed 30%.

③Nutrient utilization rate

Chemical reaction synthesis of Compost nutrient release uniformity, high utilization rate. Because the nutrient release of physically mixed compound fertilizers is uneven, it causes waste and lack of nutrients during crop absorption.

④Implementation standards

However, regardless of compound fertilizer, or compound fertilizer identified as compound fertilizer. Generally its logo is GB15063-94. Because the logo standard of compound fertilizer is different, so it is the implementation of the enterprise standard.

C. Fertilizer identification

Therefore, in the purchase with a little attention can identified. Where the logo standard GB15063-94, and the total nutrient content of not more than 30%, is a compound fertilizer. If it is difficult to identify or worry about buying fake fertilizer, you can go to the local technical supervision department to consult or complain, and the technical supervisors will definitely provide you with satisfactory service.

Compost and compound fertilizer

D. What is BB fertilizer

BB fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer that mixes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium evenly in proportion, and it refers to bulk blended fertilizer in foreign countries. Because it starts with the letter “B”, it is abbreviated as “BB”.

(1) the characteristics of BB fertilizer

First of all, the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium with random and flexible, according to the characteristics of different crop fertilizer needs. At any time to prepare, adjust the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and some trace elements. Meet the needs of crops for fertilizer and improve the quality of agricultural products.

(2) Formulation

Preparation is less difficult, but the requirements for raw materials are higher. Require uniform size of fertilizer granules.

(3) Nutrients

The nutrients are fast-acting, but easily absorb moisture.

Compost and compound fertilizer

(4) Simple formulation

But BB fertilizer because of its flexible and simple formula, for some unscrupulous people who forget about righteousness to provide a shortcut to counterfeiting. The most common is the second best, stealing content or even blatantly large proportion of the lack of content.