Branded Hashtag Challenges on TikTok among most successful for brands

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According to TikTok over a third of its users now take part in Branded Hashtag Challenges. These are hashtag competitions usually sponsored by brands and companies to bolster their recognition and awareness.

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New research from ASO World team has found that the average Branded Hashtag Challenge generates 6.1 billion views.

Samsung’s #VideoSnapChallenge is the single largest challenge to date with some 27 billion views.

Based on an analysis of over 100 such hashtag challenges, the findings reveal that the most popular types of TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenges are sponsored challenges, contests, and Hashtag Challenge Plus.

The average duration of a sponsored banner on TikTok’s Discovery page was 3 to 4 days. And an average of 14 brands advertise on TikTok via a Branded Hashtag Challenge every month.

What’s interesting is that of the brands using the app to advertise through these challenges, 84% have posted fewer than 100 videos.

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Around 11% of brands advertising on TikTok do not have an official user account on TikTok.

A brand analysis found that food and beverage companies were the most frequent industries to advertise on the app using a Branded Hashtag Challenge.

In doing so, brands tend to collaborate with anywhere between 1 to 25 influencers.

Among the 540 influencers who participates across the 100 compaigns measured, 68% were mega-influencers with over one million followers. Mid-tier influencers represented 16% of influencers in Branded Hashtag Challenges.

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