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ios app ratings

How can marketers adapt and individualize the customer journey based on a deep understanding of consumers’ habits and behaviors? And how will using these journeys in omnichannel campaigns deliver value, demonstrate empathy, and build trust with customers?


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We recently held an interactive panel discussion bringing together experts to talk about growing your company while building empathy for the customer. The session was facilitated by Aaron Goldberg, contributing editor for IDG, and featured own Daniele Di Nunzio, Director-Sales, Americas, alongside Vivek Girotra, VP of Growth Marketing at Times Internet, and Larry Geller, Digital Customer Experience Segment Lead at Amazon Web Services.

Below, we present the highlights of the discussion along with some insightful takeaways. Or you can rewatch the webinar recording here.

Geller shares: “Tone sensitivity throughout channels within the digital world is extremely essential. If somebody calls a rental automobile firm, and so they have this horrible expertise, they need to not get a really comfortable outbound e mail 10 seconds later — as a result of it’s uncoordinated! So going again to that idea of orchestration, actually being tone delicate together with your prospects, and maintain the client base comfortable.”

Girotra says: “Information hygiene is simply so essential. Ensuring that you’ve got all of your knowledge factors in place, they’re appropriately labeled, you’ve all the priority for the information you acquire, ensuring you’re monitoring all the best behaviors, you’re capable of ship the correct insights that that you must truly perceive what’s going on in your product. What are going by way of the minds of the client? I feel that half the battle is one after you have all the information factors in place, after which we will construct on high of it.”

DiNunzio says: “The one most essential key phrase that we use is retention. Retention means a shift from an acquisition-first world to ‘Let’s delight my consumer that I’ve acquired with some huge cash and let’s enhance lifetime worth.’ Retention encompasses a bit of little bit of every little thing we’ve mentioned to date within the earlier questions: delight and respect customers, make your model a reliable supply of knowledge, and in the end present the very best expertise doable for them.”

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