3 Innovative Apps Made for Cyclists / Bikers

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improve android ratings

Are you having difficulty finding any innovative apps made for cyclists/bikers? These 3 innovative apps for cyclists and bikers will meet your needs. A plethora of fitness applications is available for runners, hikers, and other fitness lovers. Some cover the essentials, but not all supply the particular tools that cyclists and bikers require.


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Some applications are simply better suited for usage with two wheels, no matter if it is after-ride analysis, route planning, or directions. We look at three applications for different devices that you can get right now in this article.

Three Innovative Apps for Cycling and Bike Riding:

1. Zwift

Zwift requires a good bicycle trainer, as well as, an ANT+ or BLE power meter or BLE power speed and cadence sensor. We enjoy this app since it is one of the best innovative apps made for cyclists/bikers that allows you to exercise while still socializing!


  • Speed, supremacy, heart rate, cadence, and distance are all tracked.
  • Make friends with other bikers by giving them a virtual “thumbs up.”
  • Strava allows you to upload your activities immediately.
  • Stream your indoor ride live.
  • You may make your own Zwift group rides.
  • Shift rider perspectives.
  • Why not invite a few friends to join in on the fun?
  • Achievement awards inspired by video games.
  • Join thousands of other enthusiastic bikers from all around the world.
  • There are six “worlds” to choose from, each with over 80 paths. From Watopia’s Zwift to London or New York.
  • After each ride, Zwift delivers a complete ride report so you can see your overall performance.


2. Cyclemeter GPS: One of the Best Innovative Apps Made for Cyclists/Bikers

Subscription Cost: Free; Elite Version costs $15.99*/month

Available on:  iOS and Pixel

Cycling enthusiasts will like Cyclemeter GPS, an app built specifically for them. You will get training records, splits, time gaps, maps, diagrams, zones, and announcements. These options make it a highly capable cycle computer. Simply start your bike ride by turning on your Cyclemeter app, and it will take care of the rest, including mapping out your desired route. You may see current statistics, time remaining, and distance biked while pedaling on the move.

This innovative app differs from other cycling applications on the market in that you can use your headphone remote to set up voice prompts to listen to your stats or hear comments from friends on social media. While this is excellent software, it is now only accessible for iPhone and Google Pixel users, so Android users will have to wait.


  • Built-in announcements like distance, time, pace, and heart rate help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Plan and keep track of your workouts.
  • Integrate with your iCalendar to keep track of your progress.
  • Use Google Maps to get traffic maps for your route.
  • Detailed performance statistics, maps, and diagrams are provided.
  • With the earphone remote, you may start and stop your journey.
  • Share your results on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Strava, and others.
  1. MapMyRide GPS

Subscription Cost: Free, upgrade for more features

Available On: iOS, Android, and Windows

Look no further if you are having problems locating a great traffic-free route to work or have finally discovered a cycling route that you’d like to remember for future usage! MapMyRide is one of our favorite cycling apps because it does exactly that. You can simply explore new routes wherever you are with MapMyRide, and bookmark your favorites for your next journey.

You will not be disappointed with this innovative app made for cyclists/bikers, whether you are a commuter or a hardcore rider. It is not just a terrific training tool. It also evaluates your performance with thorough data using your smartphone’s inbuilt GPS, all while monitoring and mapping your workouts.


  • Share the information about your exercise activity on Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Make your own routes and plan them out.
  • Sync your app to the built-in calendar and keep track of your overall kilometers and calories burnt.
  • Look for routes/rides that have been made public by other users.
  • For your records, print and export routes.
  • Use the training log function to plan your workouts and meals.
  • Connect to other applications and wearables, such as Fitbit or Record-Equipped shoes. It can send data to your app and mechanically track your activity.


You can’t go wrong with any of these apps, built to keep you safe while riding. Whichever app you go with, we recommend mounting your smart device after installing any of them to properly monitor your performance.

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